Will Power

Nearly 65% of adults in America admit they don’t have a will, which may not be entirely surprising.1 No one wants to be reminded of their own mortality or spend too much time thinking about what might happen once they’re gone.

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Problems with Probate

Probate is the legal process that wraps up a person’s legal and financial affairs after their death. During the probate process a person’s property is identified, cataloged, and appraised. In addition, probate makes certain any outstanding debts and taxes are paid. It can be a complex process, filled with very specific legal requirements.

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Trends in Charitable Giving

Whether the economy is expanding or contracting, Americans tend to be consistent with charitable donations. In 2013, as the U.S. economy continued to stabilize, Americans gave an estimated $335.17 billion to charity. That’s almost $19 billion more than the previous year.

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