In addition to our commitment to providing the best service and advice to our clients, we also strive to extend our commitment to excellence to each other, our families and our community. We truly want to have a positive impact on the world around us.

At Solis Wealth Management, we are driven by much more than money. Our clients can attest that we are dedicated to understanding your desires, passions, values and goals. We want you to take full advantage of our comprehensive service, knowledgeable guidance, deep experience and unwavering integrity to help navigate you toward personal significance.

We invite you to consider working with a team that has a sincere desire to connect with you in a way that strives to give you financial confidence that goes beyond your own understanding. To gain your trust and ensure that our dedication to your financial well-being never wavers, we pursue excellence in four key areas:


Our goal is to not only have satisfied clients, but “raving fan” clients. We believe that good service is a reflection of how much we care. You are never an interruption of our work; you are the purpose of it. We create and maintain systems and procedures that allow us to respond to your requests, as well as try to proactively anticipate your needs.


A crucial component of our business is to remain informed of industry trends, and to increase our knowledge and innovation. We believe that operating at the highest level of competence is essential to your financial well-being. We understand that staying on the cutting edge will help increase your odds of success as we assist you with making well-informed decisions throughout our working relationship.


It is critical that we advise and help you make well-informed decisions with your money, so you can pursue those things you value most in life. We want you to know that you have an ally on your side of the table who is passionate about helping you navigate from point A to point B. You will be faced with many decisions over the coming years, and we pledge to be here for you every step of the way to help you stay on track.


At the end of the day, we believe you will gain more confidence if you are absolutely convinced that our team is working at the highest level of integrity. This means that we are only doing what is in your best interest, not our own. We define character as doing the right thing for the right reasons when nobody is watching, and we triple check ourselves daily to ensure we are committed to upholding impeccable character—regardless of the cost.